My latest videos.

This was shortly after the blizzard of Jan 23, 2016. The frozen lake from Peace Valley park (see next video below this one). I couldn’t believe the patterns in the ice & snow. I used an ND 8 filter for the first time, it was a pretty bright day between the sun & all of the white snow.


I shot this in October, 2015, to capture the fall colors of my local park. Peace Valley park, is a 1,500 acre park near Doylestown, PA that houses a man made lake (Lake Galena). This was the first video I recorded and uploaded in full 4K quality.


I have always had a fondness for this abandoned stone farmhouse located in dense woods on the grounds of the famous Fonthill Museum, a poured concrete castle like structure in Doylestown, PA. I have wanted to give this house “the drone treatment” for quite sometime, and finally had the chance. I also did it to promote a group of people who wish to restore this forgotten gem to its former glory. It was the first real use of my DJI Phantom 3 Pro, a beautiful craft.

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