A perfect “sport” for 360

I had the opportunity (OK, I asked the event organizer if I could try this), to shoot a unique indoor cycling event that happens in my town each winter. A “race” on a frictionless indoor bike. The event attracts amateur and pro cyclists from around the area to compete. It’s a fun event. People wear costumes. Friends heckle friends. It’s always held at a bar. You get the idea. A fun project that I think will translate well to the VR audience. 

Prepping my setup at home. Using my extended batteries with my 3D printed battery mounts. And, for the first time trying my new Zoom ambisonic mic system. Adding spatial, or “3D audio” to the VR experience. 

Extended USB battery packs, and a Zoom H3-VR ambisonic Mic system

Event is March 3, 2019. More to post after event is completed, including the full 360VR video!

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