360 Time Lapse!

Now that I’m getting used to the dual Kodak rig, time to get to some experimenting. A beautiful clear Labor Day morning in my little town. Decided to try for a time lapse of the sun rise.

Kodak SP360 4K dual cameras for full 360 captures.

As I found out, the dual controller wrist remote only works with the cameras in either Photo only, or Video only. No other modes can be dual triggered with the wrist remote. A bit disappointing, but it is what it is. So I set up both cameras to same mode (2880 1:1, Time Lapse 30sec). Then, just press both records together! Any frame slippage could be corrected in the PixPro Stitch Software later. Both cameras ran about 90 minutes with full batteries, enough to get the following video. I was very happy with the results, and hope to do this again here when the leaves start turning–but capture the entire day. Working on an extended battery set up for this to happen.

The finished product. Don’t blink! 

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