First 360 with the KODAK SP360 4K gear

First time using the KODAK 360SP 4K setup for a shoot. Two 4K cameras synched to a wrist strap. Didn’t think I was going to like this over the phone app I’m used to with the THETA, but it worked well once I figured it out. Actually tells you everything you need to know. The KODAK set up is far from “point and shoot,” but the price you need to pay for more serious video/photo quality. I also found out my ’09 iMac is not able to deal with the 4K video, or even the photo res from these cameras. Since I can’t find any issues on Google, then this one is on me with my old Mac. Time for the upgrade! 4K takes a lot of processing! You can tell by the heat given off by these, and other cameras. When I put the KODAKs back in their case after the shoot, they were pretty warm! My Ricoh THETA the same way, and it’s not even 4K. Just a lot of processing to do the spherical ┬ávideo. I’m still confident about the results from the KODAK’s, just need more Mac processing power!


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