Bucks County, PA “Bucks Fever FilmFest VR Workshop”

I was honored to be asked to be part of a panel discussion on emerging 360/VR technology, and how to use it to tell a story. Many smart people working in different aspects of VR/360. Had a fun time talking about my product development, and learned a lot from others embracing this technology in its pioneering stages.

And a video of most of the presentation, recorded in 360 (of course!).


360 Time Lapse!

Now that I’m getting used to the dual Kodak rig, time to get to some experimenting. A beautiful clear Labor Day morning in my little town. Decided to try for a time lapse of the sun rise.

Kodak SP360 4K dual cameras for full 360 captures.

As I found out, the dual controller wrist remote only works with the cameras in either Photo only, or Video only. No other modes can be dual triggered with the wrist remote. A bit disappointing, but it is what it is. So I set up both cameras to same mode (2880 1:1, Time Lapse 30sec). Then, just press both records together! Any frame slippage could be corrected in the PixPro Stitch Software later. Both cameras ran about 90 minutes with full batteries, enough to get the following video. I was very happy with the results, and hope to do this again here when the leaves start turning–but capture the entire day. Working on an extended battery set up for this to happen.

The finished product. Don’t blink!¬†

Much progress made, much more to be done!

The main idea behind this page is to eventually support a product I am developing for a part of 360 Video/Photo Production being currently ignored – lighting. I have developed a process, currently in the patent stage to make this part of 360 content production easier. Design is done, patent underway, and product branding and presentation next. More to report as things evolve!

First 360 with the KODAK SP360 4K gear

First time using the KODAK 360SP 4K setup for a shoot. Two 4K cameras synched to a wrist strap. Didn’t think I was going to like this over the phone app I’m used to with the THETA, but it worked well once I figured it out. Actually tells you everything you need to know. The KODAK set up is far from “point and shoot,” but the price you need to pay for more serious video/photo quality. I also found out my ’09 iMac is not able to deal with the 4K video, or even the photo res from these cameras. Since I can’t find any issues on Google, then this one is on me with my old Mac. Time for the upgrade! 4K takes a lot of processing! You can tell by the heat given off by these, and other cameras. When I put the KODAKs back in their case after the shoot, they were pretty warm! My Ricoh THETA the same way, and it’s not even 4K. Just a lot of processing to do the spherical ¬†video. I’m still confident about the results from the KODAK’s, just need more Mac processing power!


Just got back from CES. I’ve been to lots of other trade shows before: SMPTE, NAB…..CES puts them to shame in course of size! Lots to sort through in terms of 360 technology, but for now, here is an incredible display from LG shot with my THETA S camera.

Heading to CES 2017

I will be on the floor of CES to scope out the latest in 360 Camera technology, drone tech, 3D Printing and gadgets to support social media production. Follow me on my Twitter feed (on the right side of this page). I hope to Tweet a lot of what I see there!

My first edited 360 video

This is a post via my LinkedIn page of my experience covering a local bike charity ride using two 360 cameras (Ricoh THETA s).